Undetectable French Lace With PU Sides And Back Hairpieces for Men
This toupee is made with French lace at top and front. The French lace part is sewn with hand-stitched alley lines which prolong the durability of the pieces. French lace is undetectable and makes the hairline natural. Poly with gauze on sides and back makes it easy to tape and clean. Ready in stock for immediate shipment.
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Lace With PU At Sides And Back Toupee
French lace human hairpiece has PU on the back and sides for added strength and easy attachment and maintenance. Bleached knots around the front hairline is undetectable; longer-lasting double knots are used elsewhere
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Full Lace Toupee
Popular full lace hairpiece offers you an undetectable look. Airy and lightweight, it's one of our more comfortable lace hairpieces for men. Bleached knots enhance its realism and our stitching techniques give added durability.
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