All V-loop 0.06mm Super Thin Skin Toupee
Full transparent thin skin hair replacement system. It's with knotless V-looped hair all over to enhance your look and enable you to style your hair as you wish. Easy to use and clean.
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Injected Super Thin Skin Mens Hairpieces
Like our other all-over invisible thin skin hair systems, people will not notice you’re wearing this hairpiece. Injected hair means no knots and because the hair lies flat, this thin skin hair toupee is for men who will wear their hair down and not brushed back
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0.08-0.10mm Thin Skin toupee
Excellent in both realism and durability, it is a very natural-looking thin skin men"s hair system with few limitations, allowing you to style the hair freely in addition to quick and convenient attachment.
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0.04-0.06mm Super Thin Skin Toupee
Another very realistic super thin skin hair pieces, common knots make it more durable and V-loop in front make it natural, to enhance your look and enable you to style your hair as you wish. Its skin base means it also scores highly on practicality.
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0.03-0.04mm Ultra Thin Skin Toupee
Transparent ultra thin skin base with common knots and a little V-looped hair in front. This is out thinnest skin at just 0.03mm-0.04mm. When worn, the base is totally invisible. As a stock hairpiece we can ship it out immediately.
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