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Base Measurement

Category Description :

Base size:Either provides a mould, old unit or measurements (W X L) in inches (or cm).  If measurements are provided, a standard frontal shape will be designed unless you provide us with a custom drawing.


Base Measurement

How to Measure Toupee Size?
Toupee is a kind of hair replacement used for men. Men's partial toupee are for men who loss some part hair, but not completely bald. Full head hair replacement (also called wig) are for men who lost entire hair with a completely bald head.
For different person, the base size measurement way is different.

The size measurement way for partial toupee as follows:
A:  Front to back is the length of base size
B:  Side to side is the width of base size (about 1” back from temple position), which normally should be the widest position:


The size measurement way for full head hair piece as follows:
1. The circumference: Measure all around the head. Position tape measure so its edge follows the hairline around the head and nape of the neck (Average measurement is 22.5 inches).
2. From Forehead to Nape of Neck: Measure from Hairline at center of forehead straight back over crown to center of hairline at nape of neck. (Average measurement is 13 1/2 inches.)
3. Ear to Ear Across Front Hairline: At front of ear, measure from hairline at base of sideburn, up across the hairline along forehead to same point in front of other ear (Average measurement is 11 1/2 inches.)
4. From Ear to Ear Over Top of Head: Measure from hairline directly above the ear across top of head ot the hairline directly above the other ear (Average measurement is 11 inches.)
5. From Temple to Temple: From temple to temple across the back of head. (Average measurement is 14 inches.)
6. Nape of Neck: Measure the width of hairline across the nape of the neck. (Average measurement is 6 inches.)

How to make mould?

Follow the procedure below for making a head template:
1. 2. 3. 4.
(1) Cover your scalp with plastic wrap (Saran Wrap or any similar plastic wrap).
(2) Apply 3 layers of tape over the plastic wrap to keep the form in place.
(3) Draw a line on the plastic wrap that goes around your hairline.
(4) Indicate your hair pattern & part. Apply another layer of tape.
(5) With scissors, trim off the excess wrap along your hairline.
Base Measurement

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