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1.    I'm warry about buying over the Internet.
We understand. All of our customers have been totally satisfied and many have placed more than one order. You'll have to trust us. This web site is not a trick! Golden Hair Corp. has established a solid reputation of honest service and our customers are fully satisfied.
2.    Why the price is so low?
You are ordering directly from the factory. By doing this we exclude retailers and can save your money..
3.    Is the quality guaranteed?
Yes of course. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. You have to make the correct choices though. There are several things that can make your first custom hairpiece with a new firm less than perfect. This is the same for one bought in a salon or one bought via mail order. Any problems will be fixed, and if you think you have a unit that has failed to meet your quality expectations, you can have a refund. We never argue about refunds.
4.    If I buy online, can I be at risk of unauthorized charges or identity theft?
No. Our server is secure, and your credit card number is encrypted. We don't even get to see that number. Using the Internet's most trusted establishments, we have made you completely safe from fraud.
5.    What is your phone number?Can I call someone for help or just a chat?
Of course you can, see the "Contact" page for telephone information. But as a mail order Internet firm, we do hope you contact us via email.
6.    Do you put my email address on a junk mail list?
No! We have no interest in sharing your information with anyone, and we also dislike unsolicited email. Your privacy is never violated by Golden Hair Corp. and no-one learns who you are or how to contact you.
7.    How long do the hairpieces last?
This depends on many factors. Your design choice may be a robust unit or a fine, delicate, barely visible unit. You may care for your unit like a supreme expert, or you may be too rough on it. Some clients get 3 months out of a unit, and others make it last well over a year without much deterioration. Our guarantee period is three months.
8.    Delivery date:
General time for a hair system to be delivered is from 6-8 weeks. However, no guarantees of time have been made other then it will not exceed 55 days for deliver
9.    Rush Delivery terms
In general terms Rush production services allow the customers to receive hairpieces quicker than they would normally under standard conditions. We give a general guideline of 4-5 weeks for “rush” service. In no way do we guarantee an exact date or timetable for this service. All hairpieces are made custom and such no exact time can be guaranteed. This service means it will be faster production than if customers choose standard. NO REFUNDS will be made for “rush” fees for delays. However, at the discretion of www.qdgoldenhair.com we may credit the “rush” fee if the production is unusually past the “rush” time schedule.
10.    Can you keep my template and hair samples so I can reorder quickly?
Yes we prefer to. If we have your template and color on file at the factory, your next order can begin production within a day or two, saving a lot of time.
11.    Can you copy my existing unit exactly?
We'd be glad and able to do so. Send it in. Save money.
All units sent in for duplication must be free of glue, tape and adhesive residue and must be shampooed clean, and completely dry.
12.    Can I send my unit for repair?
You can send any brand of hairpiece for repair/remake. In general there are two things we cannot do. We do not offer re-coloring and permanent wave (curling). Most other repairs can be done for a $75 flat rate plus shipping. However, the factory does not accept all repairs as some requests involve more labor than a new unit, but for a quarter of the price. In these cases we have to decline your repair request.
All units sent in for repair must be free of glue, tape and adhesive residue and must be shampooed clean, and completely dry.
13.    Repair Service
 We offer repair services on any toupee that we have designed. The cost of the repair varies depending on type of repair that is required.  Starting cost is $55.00.  Plus the customer is responsible for shipping cost.
Most problems are able to be repaired on the unit, including rips, tears, hair loss, etc.
Repair Services Include:
     Mending  holes (Note: most holes are non-repairable - you must send photo first to get approval)
     Replacing Hair Loss
     Cleaning Care & Detangling of Unit
Instructions for Requesting Toupee Repair Services:
     Please put detailed information as to what type of repair is needed
     We will respond to your advice if the problem is repairable
Sending Your Unit in For Repair:
     For sanitary reasons, you MUST wash your unit first prior to sending it in to us for repair(un-cleaned toupee will not be accepted for repair)
     Print out the Order Form Receipt which includes your name, address, telephone number, and email address. Include a Typed Note with the repair areas listed.
     Repairs will take approximately 4-5 weeks .
14.    Quality Control
Factory Quality Control
Golden Hair Corp realizes three stages of quality control system:
(I) Your order forms will be translated into Chinese after receiving. Golden Hair Corp will ask you questions or ask for your confirmation, if Golden Hair Corp can't understand the order forms completely or there is any discrepancy in order form and on the template. To make the exact unit BUYER wants, we will ask you question however smaller the question is. After being translated, the orders forms will be checked to see whether order forms have been translated properly.
(II) After every stages of making (such as making the base, dying the hair, curling the hair and knotting).There will be an inspection for quality.
(III) Before shipment, Golden Hair Corp will inspect the hair replacement completely. The units with any little problem will not be let out of our factory.
Guarantee for the Hair and Service
We at Golden Hair Corp. sincerely believe that true service may only be achieved through unquestionable business ethics that are exemplified by our pledge to fairness, honesty and integrity in our dealings with our customers.
We guarantee the quality of our Custom Systems to meet or exceed the quality of our competitors.
We guarantee our price to be the lowest for what we are offering.
Our Custom Systems are guaranteed to be made to the exact specifications of the order form or they will be exchanged without cost penalty.
We offer a limited 3 months warrantee for manufacturers defect under the 'Correct Client Usage Guide' below:
Clean your system with a mild pH shampoo (4.5-5.5).?
Use cream type conditioners that do NOT contain Lanolin, polymers, or heavy oils (causes matting in human hair)?
Be sure to keep the cream conditioner OFF the base of the unit because it can cause the base knots to soften, then hair will fall out?
Never brush wet hair, use a wide tooth comb?
Use leave on spray conditioner also to keep the hair soft and pliable?
Not conditioning at all will cause dryness and tangling?
Stay away from SD-40 alcohol based styling aids as they tend to dry the hair. Use corn alcohol?
Lace Fronts, full Lace systems or thin Poly Skin units must be treated gently as the base is fragile and hair falls out easily. Therefore, this material cannot be warranted by the factory.
Agreement about Terms of Quality Problems
This agreement is made out as per the following terms and conditions mutually confirmed by both buyer and seller.
1) If Golden Hair would not make exact hair pieces by its mistake, Golden Hair will repair or remake the bad units as the client's request and RUSH advice. All production and shipping cost from Golden Hair to the client will be for Golden Hair’s account.
2) If there is any quality problem of the hair pieces Golden Hair makes, the client has to declare and send wrong units to Golden Hair within 30 days from the date of receiving the shipment to the date of sending the returned unit out at the clients end.
3) The wrong unit must be returned completely new, that is without being styled, without being cut and without being worn. If the returned unit was made by factory’s mistake and returned styled, cut or worn, Golden Hair can also repair or remake the hair piece at both parties approval.
4) Remakes will only be performed to match original specifications. Any change in specifications will be deemed as a new order.
5) Golden Hair guarantees 90 days warranty for each new hair piece if the hair pieces are worn and cared in the correct.
15.    Do you require any order minimum quantity?  
No minimum order quantity is required.  We understand that customers need to place test orders or sample orders first.  One test order or sample order is acceptable.  We have confidence on the quality of our products.  We are looking forward to your trial orders, and would like to give special offer for your first trial order.
16.    How to find what I want on your website?  
You can check our catalogs on our site to find our products.  But they are just some products showed.  We can do much more than that.  You can just email us when you could not find what you want.  Our professional sales representative will reply you quickly.