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Apply Tips

1.    Which is better, tape or glue?
Everyone has their methods of choice. Generally, it is much easier to use tape. Glue is often the best choice for the lace front because you really can't see it.
2.    Which side of the tape is which?
Peel the split side from the center split and apply to base. Then peel the long side and apply to skin. This is the same rule for all of the tapes that we currently sell.
3.    Should I leave gaps?
Yes, gaps between the tape strips will enable water and shampoo to drain out if you wash the unit in place.
4.    How long can I leave it on?
If you have oily skin or you sweat a lot, one or two days. If you are dry and cool, much longer, but Golden Hair Corp. recommends frequent removal for hygiene reasons. Scalp odor is a disgusting thing!
5.    How far forward should it be worn?
Often, new wearers of hair place the unit too far forward. They think that looks okay, but people really don't have hair coming out of their foreheads. The hairline should begin where your natural hairline would have begun. That's at least three fingers above the furrowed eyebrows. Feel your head. Your fingers should tell you if they're on your forehead or at the front of your scalp.
6.    How can I get the glue in right place?
Try a glue template. Make it in the same way as a fitting template, but make it for the forehead and temples so that just the hairpiece area will receive glue,(See picture below). Here we used an A-curve tape to mark our hairline and then made the template for the area in front of that. When you use the template to apply your glue, there will be no tape there of course.